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1) 轉數快 FPS: 請whatsapp 52992700 與客戶服務查詢轉數快號碼


2) 銀行轉帳 /ATM 付款
    或者 WhatsApp 至 (852) 52992700,我們確認收到款項後,便會處理您的訂單。


3) BOC Pay / Wechat or Alipay - HK 香港支付寶 - 港元付款 


1)自取 - 可預約


  - 所有訂單折扣後滿港幣$1000元即可享包郵服務(不包括偏遠地區及住宅 )。

  - 如送貨地址屬澳門地區,或其他香港境外地區,運送方式會以 <到付> 付運,客戶收貨時需直接付運費予速遞公司。

2) 順豐速運 :

  -智能櫃取件/ 工商/ 服務中心/順豐站/ 便利店(運費30元)

  -住宅 (運費30元)


Payment methods for customer choice:

1) Online Credit Card Payment / PayPal (without transaction fee)
PayPal is a global leader in online payment solution with worldwide acceptance. You can use it to settle payments via credit cards (e.g. Visa and Mastercard) securely and your transactions are protected by PayPal's sophisticated fraud prevention system. It's fast and easy to set up a PayPal account and you can do it while you complete your purchase in our shop.

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